Why CareUnity?

CareUnity of Spokane County is an alliance of two of the area’s most-respected names in health care—Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington and Providence Health Care—not-for-profit organizations dedicated to improving the health of the communities they serve. What brought them together is their shared purpose and like-minded, philosophy of care.

Benefits for Employers and Insurers

By contracting with CareUnity, insurers or employers align themselves with an accountable care organization (ACO) designed to bring down the total cost of health care. Through rigorous population health management, agreed-upon preventive care practices, and consistent, evidence-based treatments, much of the fragmentation, variation, and unnecessary care that drive costs up are eliminated.

Providers are not paid by the number of patients they see or services they request—so there’s no incentive to order unnecessary and expensive tests or procedures that can increase costs. Since care is coordinated across the system, there’s far less duplication of efforts, which also helps to reduce costs. Since CareUnity consists of more than 600 physicians, 69 clinics, and three hospitals, payers can offer employees or plan members a single, integrated provider organization that not only provides high-value care, but is large enough to meet virtually all their medical needs.

Benefits for Patients

With CareUnity, patients have access to some of the finest specialists and family physicians in the Spokane area. Group Health Physicians and Providence Medical Group combined have 69 clinics, offering a full range of specialties. Hospital care is provided at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, and Holy Family Hospital.

Care is coordinated using an integrated electronic medical records system, which means from birth to hospice every doctor on a patient’s health journey is up to date with that patent’s history. Appointments will take less time. Primary care physicians can consult virtually with specialists. With an emphasis on preventive care, evidenced-based medicine, and patient engagement, overall health will improve.